The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla - Thomas Commerford Martin

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Author: Thomas Commerford Martin
Language: English
Publisher: Fingerprint! Publishing
Publication year: 2023
Print length: 552
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The Inventions, Researches, and Writings of Nikola Tesla - Thomas Commerford Martin

Tesla: Pioneer of Electricity

Discover the brilliance of Nikola Tesla, one of the foremost researchers and inventors in the field of electricity. This comprehensive book features 43 chapters, each delving into Tesla's groundbreaking research and discoveries. Experience the innovative spirit of Tesla as he transcends his contemporaries and revolutionizes the work of his predecessors.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Collection: An exhaustive compilation of Tesla’s pioneering endeavors, studies, and creations.
  • Innovative Insights: Each chapter showcases Tesla's unique ideas and inventions, highlighting their inherent value.
  • Historical Relevance: Uncover the breadth of Tesla’s early innovations and the depth of his thought and inventiveness.
  • Essential Reading: Considered the bible for every electrical engineer, filled with an amazing sense of possibilities.
  • Captivating and Insightful: A must-have collectible that offers a fascinating read for enthusiasts of history, science, and innovation.

Immerse yourself in the genius of Nikola Tesla and gain a deeper understanding of his remarkable contributions to the field of electricity. This book is an essential addition to any collection.


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