The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith

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Author: Adam Smith
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Publication year: 2018
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The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith

Discover the groundbreaking ideas and principles of modern economics in "The Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith. This seminal work examines the wealth creation process, the division of labor, and the market forces that shape economies, laying the foundation for the study of capitalism.

Key Features:

  • Influential Treatise: Adam Smith's influential treatise on economics and capitalism.
  • Key Concepts: Explores concepts such as the invisible hand, division of labor, and market dynamics.
  • Comprehensive Analysis: Offers a comprehensive analysis of wealth creation, trade, and economic policies.
  • Cornerstone of Economic Theory: A cornerstone of economic theory that shaped modern thinking on markets and capitalism.
  • Essential Reading: A must-read for students, economists, and anyone interested in understanding the foundations of modern economies.

"The Wealth of Nations" is a definitive work on economics and capitalism, providing valuable insights into the mechanisms that drive wealth and market economies. Perfect for those seeking to deepen their understanding of economic principles and their impact on modern society.

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